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HC HC HC!!! 5 Insanely SICK HARDCORE Releases from 2023!

Today I gather you here to experience 5 new Hardcore releases that are totally kick ass and then some! Because of the state of the world, my mental health is fucked up and I want to punch holes in the walls! Instead of doing that, I plug my brain cells into the genre that makes me feel safe against all of the fuckery of the world! The 5 bands below all have their own sound but what they all have in common is that they create hardcore that drips with Raw Uncut RAGE that has the power both to destroy and build!

GAZM Fuck You II

Ahh Shit, one of my favorite bands of all time just dropped a surprise EP called Fuck You II. WTF y’all GAZM is back and sounds gnarlier than ever and is just what I needed in my life right about NOW! From the very 1st song, “Secret Truth,” y’all will realize that this band is on a mission to bite the faces off of those who oppress us! SD snarls are in top fucking form and the whole GAZM is unified to totally wreck shop! On tracks like “Rabbit on Me,” the band manifests pits of dirge to sink your eardrums into. Yo, if anyone from the band is reading, y’all fucking killed it with this one and I can’t wait until y’all’s new full-length.

Mazandaran S/T Label: QCHQ

Fully Charged Fully Rad Totally Sick and Totally Rocking! These are the words that come to mind as I blast the new Mazandaran record out now on QCHQ. Unholy fuck this record is a Feral ride that I don’t want to end and reeks of empathy! I have a challenge for y’all to blast their song “Seven Labours” and tell me that this tune does not go HARD AF! This band lays down riffs that are wake-up calls for humanity to step up! When I hear songs like “White Demon” I can’t help but be into this band! I want to say thank you to Mazandaran for creating such a blistering debut that makes me stoked to be a fan of the QCHQ label!

SUNAMI S/T Label: Triple B

WTF the new self-titled SUNAMI out now on Triple B records is one HUGE Never ending sonic Beat Downs! The song “10 toes Down” is a perfect caustic example of how this band is a master at manifesting those I don’t give a fuck anthems! I love the way they weave heavy gang vocals into their songs that conjure up a rad atmosphere! Once the scathing riff opens on “No Heart,” you realize that this band is ready for all-out war! With all of the thoughts that are running around my head right now, I need to blast the song “Six” all day long! How can I not get hyped about a band that has no love for the cops, case in point is their song “Contempt of Cop.” SUNAMI album is an all-out soundtrack to the fury that is raging inside of me right now!

Cold Decay S/T Label: QCHQ

COLD DECAY is a new band from Paris who have put out a sick release on QCHQ this year and it FUCKING RULES! I’m amazed at the mammoth sound that this band bashes out on every tune! Tap into “Crystal Silence” and y’all will experience how gnarly this crew is for yourself! I can’t front, I love it when they speed their songs up because the sonic urgency that they manifest is intense! Don’t get it twisted COLD DECAY is on point when it comes to constructing sinister breakdowns! Yo keep doing what y’all are doing because I love It!


Game of Life’s new record is full of Hardcore anthems that will wake your ass UP! When you hear songs like “Never Again,” it’s plain to see that this band has something to say and they stand on business! I love the lyrics and vocal delivery that is showcased in this whole affair! Unholy hell yes, this band can write some sick fucking songs! Tunes like “Pave the Way” are no doubt Hardcore but almost have like a classic rock vibe to them that I love. Game of Life laces them in your call to arms with unflinching emotions. I not only hear that this band is awesome but I feel their conviction on every tune! Yo Game of Life, y’all got Game and keep killing the Game because y’all RULE!

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