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Hardcore Punk

It’s BIBLICAL, Let’s GO! Experience BIB’s New Scathing 7-inch NOW

WTF WTF the new BIB record Biblical that is out now via QCHQ // EVIL GREED rocks harder than a bag of granite!!! Every freaking song on this affair is a Hardcore Punk Anthem straight up and DOWN! The 1st song, “The Circle,” spits in the face of what society calls normal and I’m down for the party. This band writes songs that crawl under your skin with an intense feral melody that empowers you to say fuck authority! Their vocalist always delivers with the gnarliest snarls in Hardcore Punk. As a unit BIB has never created a tune that I did not love and makes me want to punch the fuck out of a zionist! “Bitter Mind” is the soundtrack to the way I feel about the world and how POC around the world still have to battle white supremacy on the daily! I want y’all to help us celebrate the release of this incendiary 7-inch that I know for a fact will be on our end-of-the-year list for sure!

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Sentient 51423

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