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Witness Visual Sleaze in 3D: DOPETHRONE’s “SHLAGHAMMER” Video

Hell Fucking YEAH, the Sludge Warriors DOPETHRONE are back and I’m fucking loving IT! Their new album Broke Sabbath comes out May 24th via Totem Cat Records and I can’t front it’s SICK AF! Unholy hell yes, Vincent’s vocals are on fire on every track on the record. Musically, DOPETHRONE can do no wrong with their filthy riffs birthed in the sewer! I know for a fact that Broke Sabbath will end up on Top 10 Sludge releases of 2024. Today we are stoked to share with y’all their disgusting new visual created by Vincent Houde for their song “SHLAGHAMMER.” Yo, DOPETHRONE are touring Western Canada starting on April 19th, see you there!

 We went full ‘Volume 4’ on this one. The last few years have been thought for the underground we swam against a tsunami of nonsensical bullshit and still managed not to drown. It’s just like a stew we all know that the scum always rises to the top… And here we are! We decided to turn up the ‘not giving a fuck’ knob to 11 stepped out of our rusty dumpster gave it a spit-shine and lit the fucker on fire. We went ‘full DIY’ on the cover artwork. We grabbed a shit-ton of Hochelaga alley dirt junk slutch and dumped it on our saloon floor made a concoction of ‘fake’ blood and proceeded to surgically etch the Dopethrone logo on this stinking putrid pile. We also made all our videos with no budget and full dedication. Passion is known to exceed the norms of expectation but we’re not passionate we’re obsessed so you better buckle up.

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Sentient 51423

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