Witness the ritualistic psychedelic Death Metal of PLAGUE ORGAN performing “”Orphan”” - CVLT Nation
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Death Metal

Witness the ritualistic psychedelic Death Metal of PLAGUE ORGAN performing “”Orphan””

Real Talk—PLAGUE ORGAN is next level because they sound like no one else out. I will tell y’all a secret: I love eating a weed gummy, then putting on their debut album Organ (out now on Sentient Ruin), and closing my eyes—then space travel happens! Today I want to share with y’all this insanely killer set of them performing their debut in full for the Roadburn Redux online fest!

With influences ranging from deviant free-form jazz, drone and dark ambient, to ritualistic black and death metal all the way to the most erratic strains of kraut and improvised psychedelia, abhorrent avant-garde/ambient black/death metal deformity Plague Organ debut with their first ever offering, “Orphan”, a spiraling and malformed mantra of deviated experimentalism and inverted incantations designed to bore into the listener’s mind and ravage it of its sanity.

Video: Director: Jim Fokke Grading: Bas Vermeeren Camera: Robin van Belzen, Tim van der Voort, Remco Radstaat, Bas Visser, Fjodor de Lange, Martijn van de Wouw, Sander Mulkens Jib: Merlijn Dielemans, Rinco Ederveen Facilities: VideoBrix Post-production: Music mix, additional editing, grading: Marlon Wolterink https://www.whitenoisestudio.com

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