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Death Doom

Witness the Ritualistic Death Doom of This HERETICAL SECT “Depths of Weeping Infinity” Video

The energy of the ancients is channeling through my being as I listen to the new album from HERETICAL SECT entitled Rapturous Flesh Consumed. From the very first time I heard this band, I knew they were special and their new album proves that more than ever. I have spent some nights during this isolation blasting their debut “Rotting Cosmic Grief” allowing their mystic brand of Death Doom to heal my eternal despair! What I dig about this band is that they create music that is meant to mean more to the listener than just Metal posturing. They create from a place that is honest and open to the spirits that came before them. As I blast any HERETICAL SECT record, I find myself being uplifted to a higher consciousness that looks to the past to shape our future. On Dec. 11th, Gilead Media will be releasing their new vinyl, and Redefining Darkness Records will be putting out their CD. Today we have been given the honor of sharing their new visual for their song “Depths of Weeping Infinity,” directed by Frank Carriccino of Dead Hare Productions (featuring extras from the band Snot Goblin and Valac).

Pre-order Vinyl here & Pre-order CD here

A lamentation to the ravaging shadow of plague cast out over the land; haunting and hunting the living. A spirit malicious and corrosive to the soul. Repent under the weight of sickness. Collapse into the indifference of the desert and the casket of the sky. Mourning of extinction comes.

Heretical Sect states: “We strived to create a video that contrasted the dark oppression of this historical place with the light and beauty of how the landscape is experienced today.”

Shot with permission on the Gaelisto Basin Preserve, once home to the largest population of native peoples in the Southwest. 

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