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Black Metal

Witness the Primitive Black Metal-Infused Hardcore Punk Misery of PROUSTED! Debut Demo Exclusive Premiere

French writer Marcel Proust did not experience very happy last years of his life. The celebrated novelist and critic was plagued by health issues in his final days, which lead him to seldom leave his room as he pulled together his last efforts to finish his final novel while he coped with ailing health and generalized misery. As the story goes, considering him self doomed while still alive, Proust decided to isolate himself completely from the outside world in order to focus entirely on his final work, so he allegedly lined the walls of his room with cork to achieve maximum isolation; a kind of real life entombment into silence of sorts. This abandonment of life while still alive, and the renouncement to all terrain things, interactions, contacts with the exterior and outside stimulation undergone by the French writer in his final days of downfall and erraticism to seemingly bury himself alive in oblivion, is what inspired Argentian black hardcore punk entity Prousted to come into this world and convey through its blistering and misery-infused music. All you have do to confirm this is to just absorb the first few seconds of the band’s debut demo coming out tomorrow via Sentient Ruin and witness it rip through you like a flesh-eating disease…

The mysterious Buenos Aires-based one man project has risen out of complete obscurity to assemble a ravaging onslaught of shadows that devours reality into a lucid nightmare. Blown out, raw beyond belief, eroded, and corroded away, Prousted’s primitive black metal approach to hardcore is a monument to dissolution and non-existence. In a mere seven minutes this demo will humiliate existence and drain all light from the listener’s surroundings, plunging them into a living hell riddled with madness, misery and disease. It’s easy to tell how this band has taken the most subterranean and primitive aspects of black metal to bend them as a virulent additive to its pulverizing hardcore/grind attack. A mixture that has brought together elements as diverse as those seen in bands like Siege, Dropdead, and Revenge, all whipped into a caustic and derailing onslaught of insanity. This is the sound of the modern man dissolving away, of ruin triumphing, of society undoing, of all humanity’s light and hope fading away, devoured into nothingness and total inevitability. Obtain this diseased slab of dark and negative hardcore punk on 7″ vinyl format and digital from Sentient Ruin, officially releasing the work tomorrow April 8 2022, grab it HERE.

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