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Witness the Post Rock Magic of WuW’s Visual “L’Orchaostre”

Why do I like the band WuW? Let me tell y’all why — because they manifest really amazing instrumental Post Rock. Their songs allow the listener’s mind to wander and heal. Today I’m dealing with the loss of one lyricist, Takeoff from The Migos, while watching WuW’s new visual for their song “L’Orchaostre,” which we are premiering below. I can almost feel his spirit rising on one of the band’s majestic riffs. This visual is pretty amazing and I feel honored to share it with y’all today! WuW’s new album L’Orchaostre comes out on February 3, 2023, via Pelagic Records (pre-order in effect HERE).

It’s always a very special moment to unveil a new song or a new album and to have to talk about it. And it allows, with hindsight, to become aware of things that were not clearly formulated in our own minds at the time of the composition and recording.

“L’Orchaostre” is perhaps a kind of musical translation of a statement of failure, that of our collective inability to make decisions that might make us avoid the worst, or at least to try. “Orchaostre 5” is the last track of the album but also the one we composed and recorded last. It’s a good summary of the mix of our influences, of the different aspects of our music and of the feelings that run through it, between moments of despondency and fierce will to resist, pessimistic darkness and instinctive and vital refusal to resign ourselves. Envisioning the worst and hoping for the best, to paraphrase wiser people than us.

When it comes to illustrating our music, we like to give the people we choose to work with as much freedom as possible to express the images that our music provokes in them. Collaborating with Mathieu Baillargeon was natural for us, he has already directed several videos for us since our first album, we know him well and have total confidence in his work and his vision of things. He made “Orchaostre 5” a dark maelstrom, a dizzying storm that left us stunned when we first saw the video.

” It’s been great to go back in WuW’s universe again , to let the music submerge me with visions, as I deeply believe in  WuW’s cinematic power … and then, using the latest animation tools and techniques, I just had to let things happen, from my brain to the screen…” Mathieu

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Sentient 51423

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