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Open Your 3rd Eye: Witness the New Krautrock Anthem “Come to the Center” by JEGONG

I got a vibe for y’all to microdose some shrooms and blast the new JEGONG song “Come to the Center” all day long! I fucking love how this band has decoded the Dance vibe that exists within Krautrock! I’m stoked for the release of their new album The Complex Inbetween which comes out on June 23rd via Pelagic Records. This band manifests the kind of Outergalactic Sonic Energy that keeps my 3rd eye wide OPEN!

With the video for the song “Come to the Center” we start a four-part journey with our protagonist Dofi. In 1967 he traveled from little Switzerland to the big United States of America and filmed his adventures. If we had to draw comparisons to our music, then it would be the moods, the curiosity and the openness to new impressions that drive us to go forward. Comparable to a journey for which you have to let go to be surprised all the more. So let go and accompany Dofi on his way to the center.

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Sentient 51423

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