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Pushing Sound To Another Universe! Experience the Pysch Rock of SUNGOD ‘Starscape’

I could tell y’all that the new SUNGOD album Starscape out NOW on Crash Symbols is the best psychedelic record of 2023 and it would not be a lie. More than that, this record is one of the sickest records of 2023 no matter the genre!!! This band has manifested a collection of songs that have the same healing power as a sacred mushroom. I can’t help but have my 3rd Eye open as I blast off into another universe as “White Light/E.S.P.”  plays in the background. This tune is over 13 minutes long and moves to the beat of my heart while my reality is shapeshifting into cosmic sound waves! The kind of music that SUNGOD creates is so important to humanity because it has the power to ground people even while the world spins on an axis of craziness.

What I love about Starscape are the genres that are co-existing right next to each other and you will not even realize that No Wave is holding hands with Pysch Rock while staring off into space and gazing at Krautrock. SUNGOD is a crew of individuals that have come together out of a raw pure passion to give us a look at an alternative universe. As I play their song “Frequence (Infinite Vision)” I realize that the best way to experience the power of this band is to listen for yourself. This is a message to SUNGOD — thank you so so much for conjuring up a very special record that will truly stand the test of time and beyond!

SUNGOD album Starscape order HERE!


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Sentient 51423

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