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YouTube Gold! Check Out 4MYSADFRIENDS, The Home of Emo Violence + So Much MORE!!!


I can’t front I’m a total nerd and I love seeing youth change the world on their terms. I was looking around YouTube one day and came across the channel 4MYSADFRIENDS. The person behind this online space is amplifying the cool ccene and community that is happening in San Antonio, Texas. Emo Violence and Screamo are two of the genres that these young people are going apeshit for. More than even the music, what I love about their scene is how they are doing it themselves for themselves. 4MYSADFRIENDS not only covers the bands, but also gives a voice to the young people that make up the community. I lived in San Antonio for a while when I was younger, and I never thought 40 years later I would be turning the world on to this creative uprising. I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to the whole scene that is happening right now, and to 4MYSADFRIENDS — just know you are killing it!

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Sentient 51423

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