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Avant Garde

Witness the interminable dread of LUNG KNOTS “A Thicket of Abrasions and Open Wounds”

Intense Audio Destruction, Intense Audio Tension, swirling around Clouds of Sonic VIOLENCE! These are the thoughts that come to mind as I listen to the new Lung Knots record Golden Dirges, Molten Larynges. Over the course of eight agony-filled tracks, this project shows us all a different side of the torture that takes place in us all. Lung Knots‘ music creates these portals of blackened angst that will leave the listener in a state of cerebral suffocation. Tartarus Records is releasing this weapon of despair on vinyl. Right here and now, we are sharing with y’all their new visual for “A Thicket of Abrasions and Open Wounds” below. Lung Knots’ songs can’t be put into any sort of box, but I will say this music is not for the weak-hearted – only the strong can survive this!

“A Thicket of Abrasions and Open Wounds” is a testament to everything that hurts and inflicts harm, in the same vein as the entirety of the album is. While dealing with a distorted image of self and dissociation as a concept, this track draws inspiration from violence justified in the name of all and any religions, sects, cults, and what have you, and their ingrained purpose to cause distress and disquietude. The video, stitched together by my fellow pain-creates-art-and-vice-versa-charade made from existing and new footage has a built-in coherent narrative revolving around this same idea, which fully unveils itself via the lyrics.

“Video by Matt MacLennan / @mattwvrks”
lung knots
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