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Death Metal


Feature via Covenant Magazine

The ‘Night of Death and Doom’ has come to be an anticipated staple of the Vancouver underground – a labor of love meant to both promote amazing bands from all over and perpetuate that fervent passion of extremity that is shared amongst the maniacs of BC.

The fifth installment of these nasty nights on Saturday, February, 23rd did particular justice to the event’s name, roping in a stacked bill of progressively vile sounding bands that shook the foundations of Pat’s Pub, no doubt driving off those who didn’t already know what was taking place with an unyielding wall of dismal noise.

To break in the crowd and start off the night, Vancouver doomsters, Woe Monger, were first to kill the silence. With a good amount of Sabbath worship, the band still retained an element of ugliness, primarily through the agonized vocal performance, making them a fitting jumping off point and foreshadowing of the downward spiral into madness yet to come.

Following suite was the local barbarian slaughter horde, Encoffinate, who seemed to approach from the distance with an ominous introduction taken from Basil Poledouris’ untouchable score to “Conan The Barbarian”. But by contrast, the epic nature of such orchestration seemed to only give Encoffinate’s grotesque chugging an added weight as the slow gallop of gore drenched warbeasts overtook the venue. Playing an array of songs from their upcoming EP, Cimmerian Corpse Dungeon, Encoffinate took no prisoners, crushing the audience with pure primitive energy.

Where Encoffinate were a slaughter in bogs of human refuse, Sentient Ruin Laboratories’ masthead band, Abstracter, were the pall of suffocating miasma that arises in the aftermath. Emoting landscapes of despair, Abstracter brought the atmosphere with the punishment. The crowd were being brutalized under a sky of smog, which rarely ever let up until the band were done.

All video footage by M. Rensmaag.



Feb 26 – Eugene, OR – Old Nick’s, w/ Lodge of the Empty Bed


Feb 27 – Eureka, CA – Siren Song, w/ Grumpus, Nan Elmoth

Feb 28 – Sacramento, CA – Blue Lamp, w/ Occlith, Evulse


Mar 01 – Paso Robles, CA – Manny’s, w/ Disgusted Geist, At Dusk

Mar 02 – Oakland, CA – Elbo Room, w/ Pandiscordian Necrogenesis, Soot, Larvae


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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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