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My Letter of Respect to VAMPIRE, “The Greatest Anarcho Band To Exist”

I was born into this world ready to fight for the rights of the oppressed! I was born into this world looking up to the Black Panthers! I was born into a world that I knew was fucked up from the get go! At the age of 14, I discovered Peace Punk aka Anarcho Punk, and from the moment I found this genre, my political views where never the same. Being young, I believed that if we stood up against the shitsem that wanted to fuck us up all over the world would become a better place!

40 years later, I see I was wrong because the world is in a more fucked state in 2024 than it was in 1984. This is why bands like VAMPIRE mean so much to me. Their new album What Seems Forever Can Be Broken that is out now of Televised Suicide Records is a modern classic Peace Punk record that is really AWESOME AF! I never knew that all these years later I would be listening to an Anarcho band that is truly pushing the genre forward. With all of the injustices and wars that have happening globally, bands like VAMPIRE must exist and must be heard! As I blast songs like “Human Capital Markets” or “The Zone,” I realize I’m not in alone in believing this shitstem must be demolished! This band’s anthems of direct action uplift me and make me realize the fight isn’t over. Musically, they knock out UNREAL Anarcho jams that are both intense and urgent. On the vocal tip, the two vocalists are perfectly balanced, and their unwavering passion is infectious! VAMPIRE, I want to say Thanks to y’all for manifesting an album that means so much to me. It’s 2024, and The Struggle Continues!

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Sentient 51423

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