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Death Metal

Total Destruction!!! Our Place of Worship Is Silence-BLACK BREATH-SPECTRAL VOICE Live At California Deathfest

Captured by M. Lopez

Our Place of Worship Is Silence is one of the break out bands for us this year over here at CVLT Nation, because their new LP The Embodiment of Hate can not be fucked with!!! They just performed at this year’s California Deathfest and part of their vicious set was captured by our comrade PITFULLOFSHIT. Hold on, it get better – we also want you to peep BLACK BREATH and SPECTRAL VOICE totally destroying everything around them! ALL HAIL INSANE MUSIC!!!


[youtube id=”b2wPMsZTpFQ”]

[youtube id=”ShfvfvRklDE”]

[youtube id=”6vLcQPWybLA”]


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