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Experience the thunderous cosmic violence of THROANE “Une balle dans le pied”

My thoughts dwell in a place of power. My thoughts dwell in a desolate place of everything unseen. My thoughts dwell in a place that’s been created by the sounds and emotions of the new THROANE EP Une balle dans le pied. Like every other release that has come before this one, the band proves that they are super comfortable in their creative skin! When I blast this EP, I can’t help but think of the ocean because this sonic experience comes in waves. At times the waters are still almost silent, and then without notice, THROANE’s audio storms transform into a tidal wave of grey FURY! What I love about Une balle dans le pied are the moments that can’t be put into words because the listener must feel them. I want to close my eyes, turn this record up to TEN, and envision myself standing on a huge cliff, knowing that nothing matters but right now! THROANE has done it again – respect due to Debemur Morti Productions for putting out such an unreal piece of sonic art!

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