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The Visual World Of Math.I;
Or The Reason Not To Reason

Self-described as “hand made retardist collages for the viscerally endowed” and made by “exacto knifes, not Photoshop”, the works of Math.I embody sarcastic remarks on society, ethics and everything that makes the filth look clean; not exactly like Banksy does it, for to compare Math.I with Banksy is to compare Kubrick with Spielberg. With Banksy, the case is often simple, nice and easy — in other words, things do not necessarily call for interpretations, as the questions are usually answered with common sense that his work strongly suggests and/or screams. On the other hand, it’s relatively hard to imagine two people read a Math.I piece the same way, since the works are of a certain irrational nature that echoes a dream structure; a surreal structure.

Optical illusion, yes, but in an age where reality itself is fabricated enough to think of Artaud’s idea of consensus reality, so claiming that Math.I’s works are clearly anti-escapist isn’t far from the truth. Anti-escapist, but not in a realist fashion that most of the contemporary serious art is, instead in a similar way that Eugène Ionesco’s works are: the absurdist, maximal way. And same as Ionesco, the objects placed in Math.I’s universe can be seen as a variety of symbols; however when we talk of symbols here, it isn’t as a fixed message, but rather a myth that the artist creates which the audience is supposed to think about, rather than trying to decipher what the artist meant to do.

Visually — and at times conceptually — the collages done by Math.I bear resemblance to the works of Terry Gilliam, Raymond Pettibon, Andy Warhol, Damon Edge, Frank Kozik, Tom Hazelmyer and even Adult Swim’s Hanna-Barbera parodies – e.g. Sealab 2021, Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law, and Space Ghost Coast To Coast. Here’s a selection of the Math.I pieces I’ve collected (read: downloaded) over the past few years. Do check out the store for more Math.I or if you want to get yourself something concrete and not merely digital.

Mexican Hand Signals

“Mexican Hand Signals”

Engineering A Microbe Messiah

“Engineering A Microbe Messiah”

Caffeinated Pencil Back No.2 Retreat

“Caffeinated Pencil Back No.2 Retreat”

Skeevy Apocalyptic Joy Toy

“Skeevy Apocalyptic Joy Toy”

Nipples Of A Wisconsin Cyst God

“Nipples Of A Wisconsin Cyst God”

Hounds Tooth Youth Devour.

“Hounds Tooth Youth Devour”

Breeding Profit Loss

“Breeding Profit Loss”

Bold Fresh Glans Crushing

“Bold Fresh Glans Crushing”

Dirks Dagger Stab Stab Stab

“Dirks Dagger Stab Stab Stab”

Supple Fisted Steeple

“Supple Fisted Steeple”

Overly Practiced Angular Teeth Pulling

“Overly Practiced Angular Teeth Pulling”

Voltage Corrected Hunting Techniques

“Voltage Corrected Hunting Techniques”

Rebuffed Shark Like Empathy

“Rebuffed Shark Like Empathy”

Whipping The Abscess As Cure (2014)

“Whipping The Abscess As Cure”

Robotic Bad Touch Hard Drive

“Robotic Bad Touch Hard Drive”

Flesh Eating Antidepressant

“Flesh Eating Antidepressant”

Corporate Trigger Stagings

“Corporate Trigger Stagings”

Plenty Of Desperation To Go Around

“Plenty Of Desperation To Go Around”

Warm Nod Nod Loose

“Warm Nod Nod Loose”

Hypno Meat Yawns

“Hypno Meat Yawns”

Stab, Report Viscera Patterns

“Stab, Report Viscera Patterns”

My Lai 5

“My Lai 5”

Circumcised Precision Sport

“Circumcised Precision Sport”

Knuckles And Nanking Shenanigans

“Knuckles And Nanking Shenanigans”

Written By

Post-gonzo provocateur Ari Wilson has worked, during his writing career, with a wide and eccentric range of raw material, extreme metal to the avantgarde. With CVLT Nation since 2014, Wilson is known, below the underground, for his individual zine Holy Grail From Hell founded in 2010.

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