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The Art of Getting High…
3 Strains That Will Keep You Creative

If you’ve ever run into me on the streets, at a show, or on tour, you can bet that I’m high. That also goes for all of my time spent at the art table. Maybe it’s because my mind tends to wander, maybe it’s that it keeps me focused, or maybe I just really enjoy smoking weed. A safe bet would be a culmination of all three. And, with the passing of recreational marijuana in Washington and Colorado in the past few years, I’ve had access to a wider variety of strains and been able to tailor my consumption so that I not only am having a good time, but am also gaining all of the benefits that marijuana has to offer.

For the past two years, I’d been working at a medical marijuana dispensary in Seattle, WA, and found a few strains that help me the most when it comes to keeping me a detail fiend. Sativas and most Sativa dominant hybrids tend to work best for me when it comes to creativity and focus, but there are some exceptions along the way.

Here are three of my favorite strains when I’m in the art room:

Strawberry Cough – Sativa  (Strawberry Fields x Haze)

As with most sativas, this strain has an uplifting effect to it and helps with stress. I’ve also noticed that it kicks in a high energy creative streak, especially when I smoke it first thing in the morning.  It has a sweet smell and taste to match and can be one of the frostiest buds when grown correctly.


Photo from SMMA (Seattle Medical Marijuana Association)

Super Lemon Haze – Sativa (Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze)

Not only does this strain smell and taste like lemon candy, but it gets you stoned out of your head. SLH is one of my favorite strains and I tend to use it when I have a deadline and need to keep firing on all cylinders. Stress relieving and relaxing effects mix with a energy that will perk up your mood, too.  It also produces a good amount of kief that instantly boosts the flavor of anything you combine it with.


Photo from SMMA (Seattle Medical Marijuana Association)

Cactus – Indica (Afghani x Northern Lights)

Cactus is such a fantastic strain for keeping me at the art table with a determined focus. It is an Indica hybrid, but still gives off a bit of energy like a Sativa, and that helps when I power through a project. It smells similar to the Dutch Treat strain and pairs perfectly with Super Lemon Haze kief. The combination of the two only adds to enhance the flavor and high. Now that I moved back to Colorado, I’ve heard that Cactus is primarily enjoyed in the Pacific Northwest. Damn, someone is going to have to send me some seeds.



I’m sure that everyone has a strain that works specifically for them, and to others, just smoking any weed can be a catalyst for creativity. Now that I’ve moved back to Colorado, I’m interested in finding more creative strains, as well as finding potent strains for my bud lust.

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