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Tap in! Smoking HOT Hardcore Punk:
MENTOR “Chapter Black”

What the Fuck do we have here? We have the new Mentor 7 inch called Chapter Black and this fucker slaps hard AF on the real! What will you hear when you press play? Some gnarly fucking hardcore punk is going to jump out of your speakers and bite your neck! You might scream “ouch,” but then you’re going to scream, “press replay, and bite me again,” because they sound that fucking AWESOME! Every moment of this 7 inch is urgent and is full of raging chaotic melody that only makes you want to hear more! If I had the power to take them back in time, I would transport this band back to my old Hollywood stomping ground, the Cathy De Grand, and have them do theirs alongside Necros, Suicidal, and Black Flag! Mentor are comfortable in their skin and you can feel it in their songs. I want to salute our comrades over at Smoking Room Records for releasing this gem – you can get your pre-order on HERE!

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