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The Shape of Shoegaze To Come: Experience The Sounds of THEY ARE GUTTING A BODY OF WATER

Photo by Juliette Boulay

THEY ARE GUTTING A BODY OF WATER are fucking AMAZING! Everything I have heard by them in the fucking bomb! This band manifests Off Kilter Off Center SHOEGAZE that’s freaking thrilling. The title track to their record Lucky Styles is straight perfection and makes me feel like I want to dance in a field of sunflowers! Imagine if ODB and MBV decided to do a project — it just might sound like this, because there is no father to their style. “violence ii” only points the listener to how rad this band can sound. You just might feel like you are floating in space after blasting any of THEY ARE GUTTING A BODY OF WATER’s music.

I appreciate the creativity that this band takes in the way they write their songs because it keeps everything exciting! The vocals feel candy-coated while they slip into your ears. Musically, this band is not trying to fit into a box and for that, I have nothing but respect for them. The shape of shoegaze to come will come in the shape of everything that THEY ARE GUTTING A BODY OF WATER releases. Their song “threes” is a woozy anthem that gives me Indie Rock Augustus Pablo energy so I can’t be mad. What really comes through while experiencing this band is how much fun they have creating music! I want to give a HUGE shout out to Smoking Room Records for giving space to awesome artists. Oh yeah, this is a THEY ARE GUTTING A BODY OF WATER band feature, so peep all of the full sets and music streaming below!

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Sentient 51423

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