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Joe Blablazo is a comic book artist based out of Denver, CO. We met quickly after I moved to Denver and became close quickly due to our shared devotion to comic books, DIY culture and absurdity in general. Coming from El Paso, TX, where Joe was entrenched in the punk

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It’s a given that the internet is the best destination for those itching to see some real crazy shit. Though bragging basics and keyboard crusaders are at the forefront of everyone’s favorite scrollable pastime, a deeper dive into the rabbit hole could leave one coming out grasping for clarity, normality

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Stop-motion is a very efficient way to make any movie creepy, mostly due to the fact that you are often dealing with strange old dolls and mannequins. That is exactly the case for the two flicks I’ll show you today (1 & ½ actually) – they are creepy as hell

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In the post-9/11 world in which we all live, there have been many bands that play aggressive or weird styles of music who have had their records used for the purpose of enhanced interrogation (the nice way of saying torture) on captured enemy combatants. Bands like Slayer and Skinny Puppy

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Text via It is always important for lil’ Sally and lil’ Jimmy to have some sun and fresh air every now and again. However, being outside with a two-story (or so…) free-fall drop does not sound as good of an idea…Nor does thinking that a baby and a cage

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