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By now any conspiracy weirdo worth his salt – I’m looking at you – has seen Room 237 – the Rodney Ascher documentary about interpretations of Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 stone cold classic The Shining. Its true meaning is tied in with the genocide of Native Americans, because of the imagery

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I will not front – I am a huge fan of the Vice series NEEDLES & PINS, especially the latest episode that focuses on Gang Tattoos in LA. What makes this doc even more special is that much of it was focused on my old hood Venice, CA, and my homie’s rad

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The nation of Italy – like many nations in recent years – has faced periods of uncertainty and unrest within its borders. With an already impressive and ever-expanding underground music scene, these turbulent times of doom and gloom have seen a natural propagation of extreme music that – although perhaps

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Check this out: an 80’s hardcore footage battle royal featuring D.C’s VOID vs. Venice’s SUICIDAL TENDENCIES – both of these bands knew how to work the crowd into a frenzy! I’m a little partial, being that SUICIDAL is my home town band and I was actually at this show. While

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It’s time to celebrate one of the raddest bands to come out of my hometown of Venice, California: my homies EXCEL. On Sept.30th, Southern Lord will be re-releasing their classic album Split Image (totally remastered with some special details). Now check out how this band had the power to set a room

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