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Fuck the dumb shit – it’s time to plug your brain into some killer skateboard tricks. It’s been said that watching gnarly skateboarding with help people with depression. Thanks to all of these rad pages for posting killer vids to instagram.    

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Who is Ian Reid? He is not only a killer photographer, but he also is an OG 90’s skater! He created my favorite skate video ever called “Sex, Hood, Skate & Videotape” (I wish I didn’t lose my copy!). What I love about his creative spirit is that he doesn’t

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This feature is a celebration of Ric Clayton – RxCx – and his book that came out this year called Welcome to Venice. Below you will read about the impact he had on his friends’ lives and how we all have noting but love for him. Josh Klassman is an

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I know Dogtown and Z-Boys is a must see documentary when you want to find out info about this era of skateboarding, but it should be noted that the second generation of Dogtown are the ones who really had a huge impact on skate/pop culture. I was a little kid

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Today I watched the new Skate Rock Thrasher video, and all I can say is that it is FUCKING INSANE! It was filmed in Mexico at one of the craziest concrete creations in the universe, Skate Rock. This park seems like it was designed and created by Dali’s ghost –

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The children of the 70’s that roamed Venice beach became the teenagers of the 80’s that found Hardcore Punk, Hip Hop, Break Dancing  and Gang Culture. Two things that we never let go of were skateboarding and surfing, because they were in our blood. It’s hard to separate the Z-boys from the Dogtown

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