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Since I picked up the first issue of Maximum Rock N Roll in 1982, I’ve been inspired by Punk from outside of North America. So today I want to turn you on to four kick ass bands from Singapore. All of them sound different and bring vital energy to the

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Maybe, and I mean just maybe, if you’re not really paying attention and washing the dishes or working out while you listen to Fluke, they may sound like a lot of other punk bands. Also, I’m not that kind of lazy writer that namedrops a couple of bands and that’s

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While teens in North America get their tongues pierced so they can give better oral sex (a ball on your tongue is not the key to that, btw) or just to annoy people, in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, India and Sri Lanka, Hindu devotees give up their tongues to Lord

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Blackout tattoos seem to be the new answer to all those years of accumulated tattoos that just don’t do it for you anymore. Easier than a traditional coverup, and they look better than the faded mess you gave yourself at age 16 with ballpoint pen ink. You can find a

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