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Last weekend, DOOM took over London in the form of the Doom Over London Fest, which featured three days of non-stop low end rumbling the cobbled streets! Our photographer Gemma Shaw was on hand to capture some of the intense sets from that weekend, including Bossk, Conjurer, Esoteric, Eye of

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Do you really need us to tell you what this split is all about and why it’s so fucking huge and memorable? What else is there left to say about two of the currently heaviest bands on the planet? At this point, Primitive Man aren’t even just an underground band

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Both dealers in misery and purveyors of the downtrodden, the two bands’ consummate pairing makes this release all the more impressive. Whereas Keeper are the sound of a tortured, agonised soul, Sea Bastard are the vehement pain-dealers, gloating in the presence of their comrades’ manacled, broken bodies and basking in their collective anguish – the tormented and the tormentor.

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A horde of underground labels – namely Dry Cough Records, Black Reaper Records, Medusa Crush Recordings and Tadpole Records – have all joined forces to release the new split by SEA BASTARD & KEEPER. As you already know we are HUGE fans of the young Fresno’s DOOM Wizards! That is why we are so

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How do you like your riffs? I like mine heavy as fuck! That’s why whenever I see a new release from DRY COUGH Records I know they are going to pack my bong with shit that gets me high as fuck. I have never heard a whack release from this

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