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CVLT Nation’s Label Spotlight:

How do you like your riffs? I like mine heavy as fuck! That’s why whenever I see a new release from DRY COUGH Records I know they are going to pack my bong with shit that gets me high as fuck. I have never heard a whack release from this Manchester house of all things filthy! It’s our honor here at CVLT Nation to shine a much due spotlight on DRY COUGH Records…Pick up all of their releases HERE!!!

1. The OPEN TOMB album DEAD WEIGHT is a mammoth mountain of shit-filled sludge that will infect your speakers with each listen! I love that the band even has the sound of flies on a track so that you realize they are keeping it real dirty! This record moves at a slow hypnotic pace of death and dirge. OPEN TOMB’s songs create the perfect grim atmosphere you want to hear in your sludge…Check out the full review of Dead Weight HERE!…The vinyl looks unreal in person and plays like a dream!


2. Next up is OMMADON with their album V, and it’s freaking Heavy with a capital H! Here are my listening instructions: break out your strongest bud, roll up a huge joint, spark it up and then sink into the couch! Actually, when this album kicks in with it’s monolithic feedback-drenched riffs, time will just fucking stand still anyway! OMMADON is at the forefront of the Doom renaissance that is taking place in Britain right now…On a personal tip, I also blast this album for my 9 month old daughter, and the low end puts her right to sleep – note to all parents reading this!

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3. Are you ready to droned by SEA BASTARD and their sinister waves of hate-filled awesomeness! Their album Scabrous is a magical party where louder is always better! SEA BASTARD is grim at what they do and it pays off, that is for sure…DOOM ON BROTHERS!

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4. COLTSBLOOD is the SHIT and their album Into The Unfathomable Abyss is perfect from beginning to end!!! This band is super powerful and are able to create a sound of doom that is all their own…You can hear their punk roots, which I always love, but they also lay down basslines that will have you drugged up for days…Read CVLT Nation’s full review HERE!


5. CULT OF OCCULT‘s music should always be listened to in analog form, this post being the exception. The reason being is that no computer speakers can hold the weight of this band! I was into their latest album Hic Est Domus Diaboli when I heard it online, but once I heard the tape I became a fiend. Hearing their music come out of our speakers meant I really got to hear how fucking on point this band really is. So I suggest you buy this tape then blast the sucker, and CULT OF OCCULT might become one of your favorite doom bands, if they are not already!…Check out their Black Sabbath cover for our CVLT Nation Sessions HERE.

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6. My favorite doom band in Vancouver is HAGGATHA, and every time I see them I become more of a fan. So I am really pleased to be sharing with you the split that they recorded with the sick MOLOCH…DRY COUGH’s taste level is never lacking, and this release proves that again!


7. VOE’s tape Rvst is the kind of music that will inspire you to create. Actually, I dig their brand of music because it’s very introspective, fragile, honest and passionate at the sometime!…This tape is sick!!!

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8. For just over 15 minutes, this band builds a new sonic definition of how hardcore can be created. OLD SKIN is not afraid to dip their primal anger into a huge pot of emotion that is boiling from in the flames of subversive melody…I wrote the above words for the OLD SKIN stream some months back and they still ring true!…This is a must-hear for any hardcore!




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