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There’s never enough knuckle-dragging crush riffs to line your eardrums with and Holland’s OUST are just the sonic ambush you need this winter as you contemplate the futile nature of mere survival. Their particular brand has a little of everything from the hardcore spectrum – at times shrill and piercing

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Yes, I fucking love being a nerd and there is no shame in my game!!!  Today I was creeping on one of my favorite sites, Monster Brains, and I came across the artwork of Karel Thole. This Dutch illustrator was a true master in Sci Fi Surrealism. When you look at this

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Amsterdam is one of my favorite places in the world. It’s a stunning city, a laid back, beautiful population – and they have the creepiest museum in the world, the Museum Vrolik. I confess that I haven’t actually been to this museum, which I am pissed about missing out on

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