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When it comes to popular cults originating on U.S. soil, there are certain paths their enigmatic leaders have typically gravitated towards. These leaders have sexually terrorized congregations, mollified fear through mass suicide, summoned the fell swoop of government henchmen, or became wealthy enough to join Sea Org. However, some lesser

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**AUTHOR’S NOTE** The intention of this article is not to accuse someone of a crime, but to posit a question that deserves further inquiry. In 1995, just as the Croatian War of Independence is coming to an end, two men from the small, post-war country sit side by side on

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I have always been fascinated by cults and mass suicides…I will never forget watching the evening news and seeing the carnage that Jim Jones had exacted on his followers of the Peoples Temple. What freaked me out even more was that some of my family members had almost joined his

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Across Mexico, and increasingly the U.S, the poor, the down-trodden and the outcasts have been turning to a robed, scythe-bearing skeleton – a personification of death fond of cigars and tequila, able to work miracles, but always for a steep price. Santa Muerte, Saint Death, emerged in the nineteenth century

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In honor of our ‘California Cult Tour,’ we decided to pay homage to our favorite state with a tour diary of a different sort. As we travel along, we’ll be probing the underbelly of California ‘cult’ure to see if there’s something in the air, water or, the in case of our first entry, intersections of geomagnetic forces, that gives the golden state the advantage on weird.

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