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ROCK AGAINST RACISM was the movement that united Whites, Blacks, Asians, Punks, Rastafarians, 2tone Rude Boys and Girls, New Romantics and Metalheads in the UK 40 years ago. Four decades later, Racism is on the rise on a global level. As a product of 80’s, I heard the rallying cry to

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Back in the 2000s, The Parkinsons used to be the next big thing. They were the next in line to save rock n’ roll, right up there with The Strokes and The Libertines. But they didn’t care then and they don’t care now. For most people, that means that they

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In the late 1500’s, England was enmeshed in a multifaceted “undeclared” war with Spain, including a series of furious land grabs in the Americas. Sir Walter Raleigh, on the auspices of Queen Elizabeth I, was granted charter to create the Roanoke colony on Roanoke island in Chesapeake Bay. John White – a friend of Raleigh – was

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In the Victorian era, asylums popped up all over the UK, places where troubled people – some mentally ill, some not – were “dumped” by their families and communities to be hidden away from society. The asylums were packed with patients by the hundreds and thousands, and patients were often

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How do you like your sludge cooked? I like mine marinated in an unhealthy dose of putrid stench until the riffs start to ooze out. Then I want to bake it on HIGH until the basslines come out of the oven and almost choke the life out of me. When I

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What punk scene captured my imagination the most during 80’s? It had to be the UK scene, especially once I started getting into Peace Punk real heavy. Today CVLT Nation wants to share with you portraits of 80’s UK Punk culture!

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