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Avant Garde

Witness SPACE AFRIKA’s moving and Unreal Sónar Performance

SPACE AFRIKA’s album Honest Labour was our top Avant Garde record of 2021 for many reasons. One major reason is that this album has become a part of our existence. Songs like “Preparing the Perfect Response” resonate with on a deeper level than any other song I heard in 2021 (I Love My Life, I Love Me). I remember the day that I heard Massive Attack ft. Horace Andy “Hymn Of The Big Wheel” for the first time, decades ago, and how it made me think about the world. Every time I hear Honest Labour, I get that same feeling, and it makes me realize why music is so important to me. SPACE AFRIKA creates more than just sound, they create energy that makes you look within yourself. Yes yes y’all, check out their most recent performance at the SónarCCCB 2021.

Check out this SPACE AFRIKA Mix they created for TRUANTS

Matthew Burton and Kate Rathod – Raw Moves
Mark Ambrose – Signs
Martin Schulte – Trip
Vester Koza – The Way of The Dub
Isherwood – Hammond’s Scapes
Driftwood – Melodie
Ion Ludwig – Alpha Changes
AHU – Roya
Star Dub – Back to Basics
Space Afrika – Tape Signal
AHU – Nebel In Sancsouri
Frank & Tony – Resistance
Mike Dehnert – Track Providing Home
Ivano Telepta – Flowers
P.Laoss – Dubshapes (Martin Schulte)
Quantec Hym to Ra
Federson – Alpha
Nu Zau – Din  Desciere
CV313 – Seconds to Forever
Caldera – Touch
Deadbeat – Jaffa Dub

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