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Hardcore Punk

ACAB! Experience the Sonic Revolution That is JUNTA’s S/T LP

I refuse to be a victim! I refuse to stand on the side of the oppressor for clout! I refuse to allow racism, sexism, and colonialism to hold me hostage! I refuse to be silent about the genocide that is taking place in Gaza right now! Today I share with you the new self-titled JUNTA LP that comes out on Jan 26th via Sentient Ruin. Real talk, this band has created one of the most important Hardcore Punk records of the past decade. What’s fucked up is that after over 500 years of downpression, the world is only getting worse. JUNTA has created an album that is full of the RAGE that is seething within me. I refuse to speak for JUNTA, they can speak for themselves — the full stream is taking place below!

I never have and never will have any love for the police! At an early age, my mother taught me that the po-lice have never been here to protect or serve Brown and Black Bodies. These oppressive humans are trained and paid to terrorize our hoods all over the world! I have seen these dip shits harm POC Punks since I was a young teenager in the 80s. The LAPD practiced their warlike tactics on the Socal Hardcore Punk kids before turning them on the Brown and Black communities in the 90s. If you have any love for the pigs, you can’t consider yourself a punk of any kind!

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Sentient 51423

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