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Experience the Slow-Crawling Sonic Torment of GAWTHROP’s Sludge Behemoth DETERIORATION

Why do I love Sludge so much? When done right it offers a mirror to the Fucked Up World we all live in and speaks to the suffering in us ALL! GAWTHROP is a band that does it right and their soon-to-be-released record Deterioration is a compilation of the band’s first two incredible demo tapes (2019’s Demo and 2022’s Jumbo) via Sentient Ruin Laboratories. I can’t front, as I listen to this band I have visions of beheading every member of the KKK that has ever put on robes of hate. As I listen to GAWTHROP, I have visions of choking out every racist police officer that has caused harm to my people around the world! I find myself sinking into their riffs knowing that I represent the power of my ancestors. When you hear the mammoth song “Rabbit,” you will realize that they are one of the sickest Sludge Bands right now. In all of the sonic despair that they unleash unto the world, I find solace in songs like “Moth” because I know our oppressors’ days are numbered! GAWTHROP does more than just create songs, they manifest an atmosphere of caustic sonic destruction that will destroy forces of evil. They do more than just create Sludge the right way and all you have to do is listen to Deterioration to know how gnarly this band is!

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Sentient 51423

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