The Shape of Abstract DOOM…Divide and Dissolve Stream + Footage

Much has been written about Divide and Dissolve, and the focus always seems to be on their politics and/or gender. When many humans are apathetic about what’s going on around them, this band takes a stand against oppression of any kind. Politics aside, what I tend to focus on is that they create some of the sickest heavy music around. Divide and Dissolve’s abstract instrumental doom songs ooze creativity and pain. This band’s music expands your brainwaves while punching you in the stomach. When I listen to Divide and Dissolve, I feel like half of me is floating in space, while the other half is at an underground art show in a hidden cave. They are on a world tour right now, so if they happen to make it to your city, make sure you stop whatever the hell you are doing and check them out! Right now CVLT Nation salutes Divide and Dissolve with this video essay, but also make sure you check out their new LP Basic streaming below.



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Ivan Aviña Lamarque

Efrén Reyna Diego Angeles

Diego Angeles

si traen acá!

Efrén Reyna

Está vergas.

Larry Rochester

Drop H tuning

Botyánszki Tamás

this is awesome

Remco Groot

Ruben Wijlacker!!!!

Alex Hunter

I played a show with them in April. they are stupid heavy.