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Hardcore Punk

Blistering Speed & Punishing Sonics! Experience REEK MINDS ‘Malignant Existence’

Dave DiMaggio

Wild in the Streets! Wild in the Streets! The new REEK MINDS album Malignant Existence that comes out on March 29th via Iron Lung Records has me going wild in the streets! This 10-track blast of audio aggression is a New School Hardcore Punk classic! As I listen to this band, I can’t help but think about how gnarly and fun it must be to dance to them live. REEK MINDS serve up Raw Caustic Anthems that will empower you to say FUCK THE SYSTEM! Don’t ever let anyone tell you about how awesome it was back in the day, because so many bands are killing it right now and Malignant Existence is proof of that! I’m super stoked to share with y’all REEK MINDS new record in full below!

REEK MINDS: Malignant Existence

Photo by Brittany Raff

Written By

Sentient 51423

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