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PUNITIVE DAMAGE’s New LP ‘This is the Blackout’ is a RAGER You Can’t Miss!

Real Talk, I have always been a fan of PUNITIVE DAMAGE but after blasting their new album This is the Blackout I’m a straight STAN! Every song is a Hardcore Punk eargasm that will make you lose your shit. Jerkova’s vocal delivery and lyrics are beyond fucking stellar. On the music tip, this whole band has made the point that PUNITIVE DAMAGE has something to say and that they are going to say it LOUDLY. Trust me when I say this band is going to go from strength to strength. On killer tunes like “BIG MAN,” you hear them kick out a jam that’s gnarly as fuck but still has this rock and roll edge to it! That’s the thing about This is the Blackout — this record is a total RAGER but does not sacrifice melody. “RESISTANCE WITHIN A BREATH” is a Hardcore Punk anthem that is RAD — it makes my skin crawl with happy vibes, and then at the end, it morphs into this fuzzed-out blissed out gem.

The amount of passion that was put into making this record is so evident. There’s not one weak moment on this album and I can’t front PUNITIVE DAMAGE were in their “we’re going to make a classic Hardcore Punk bag” and I respect that 100%. Shout out to Atomic Action! Records for releasing This is the Blackout and y’all can order it HERE. I have a prediction — this PUNITIVE DAMAGE record is going to end up high on the end-of-the-year list. Only time will tell how high, but I will say this record is an 11 out of 10.

Artwork by: Hazhe Is
Written By

Relapse 9-19” height=
Sentient 112217

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