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Hardcore Punk

CVLT Nation’s Top 10 HARDCORE PUNK Albums of 2022

#10 VENENO Camino de Espinas

Fuck living a simple life and becoming a normie! All I want to do is blast the new VENENO record Camino de Espinas. I hope I PISS OFF all of the Normies with their insanely caustic sound!

Released April 29, 2022, via Sentient Ruin.

#9 RAW BREED Universal Paranoia

Aw hell yeah, the new RAW BREED album Universal Paranoia is all kinds of RAD! Without sounding contrived, this band takes the all-out aggression of Circle One and pushes Hardcore Punk into the future. Damn, this band is so bruising and gnarly AF! I look forward to seeing RAW BREED live in the future so that I can totally lose my shit!

Released September 23, 2022, via Convulse Records.


WTF WTF VIOLIN’s new self-titled album is all that and then some. Their songs not only bang HARD AF but they also have this killer groove inside of them. If you like your Hardcore Punk Raw and Gnarly then this record is for you!

Released November 18, 2022, via LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS.

#7 GIALLO 8 Song E.P.

WTF times 100! This new GIALLO demo is un-fucking-believable and it slays on a whole other level!!! Over the course of 8 bruising Powerviolence-infused Hardcore Punk anthems, this band has pushed my wig back and made me realize there are new heights of Sonic RAGE. What I find extremely amazing about GIALLO is that no matter how intense their music is, they are still able to construct powerful pits of audio melody! 

Released November 25, 2022, via Damien Records.

#6 DEAD CITY banned from LA

WTF WTF WTF How awesome is the new DEAD CITY album banned from LA. It’s so fucking good I know for a fact if it came out in ’84, Gary Tovar from Goldenvoice would have booked them to play at the Welcome to 1984 with Dead Kennedys show (I was there and this band would have added to the mayhem)! This band’s music and energy are so on point it’s hard to imagine them ever putting out a record that I can’t stand behind. From the moment the first track, “blood must be shed,” jumps off, you realize that this band can’t be fucked with! DEAD CITY creates LA punk for LA Punx. What I mean by that is that you can hear the wild streets of our city running through their riffs and vocals. On the lyrical tip, this band is speaking for the new generation of LA Punx, and it’s evident that they are a band that stands for the upliftment of Westside Punk Community. Their songs give the listener a glimpse into the real underground that is taking place in the city of the angels! Blast their anthem “human chopshop” and tell me that this record is not the bomb!

Released November 7, 2022, via 1753.


WTF!!! WTF!!! WTF!!! Unholy Attack Mode Killing Everything around them! KLONNS are on some next-level Unhinged Extreme Uncut FURY! Damn, I can’t stop blasting their new CROW 7-inch! I have been a huge supporter since I first heard them, and I’ve got to say that with each release they become more brutal. Their kind of Hardcore is way beyond special! The vocals are scathing as FUCK and the music is nitro-charged. KLONNS songs have these really awesome layers to them that will keep your ears on edge. To say that I’m stoked to be sharing with y’all their new record Crow with y’all in full would be untrue! I am ultra excited and honored to be able to share this masterpiece of blistering Hardcore Punk with y’all! When y’all experience the sinister breakdowns of “Ghoul” tell me that this band is fucking AWESOME!

Released March 25, 2022, via Black Hole & Iron Lung Records.

#4 CANDY Heaven Is Here

This is Fury, This is Rage, This is Death, This is Killer Robot Energy, This is your mind on CANDY’s album Heaven Is Here. I can’t front their songs are like having sonic pieces of glass poured into my eardrums. I keep coming back for more pain because I’m addicted to their audio torment! CANDY has done it on this album, by pushing all of those who listen to the brink of audio insanity! Heaven Is Here is your portal to all out caustic mayhem and I know you will enjoy your journey!

Released June 24, 2022, via Relapse Records.

#3 GEHENNA Negative Hardcore

GEHENNA‘s Negative Hardcore is made up of 1000’s of layers of HATE. Beware, listening to this album might cause you to hate everything around you. You just might find yourself remembering that society has been lying to you your whole life. Better yet, GEHENNA will put the battery in your back to slap the fuck out of authority if they look at you the wrong way! Imagine if Wu-Tang and Mobb Deep transformed into an unhinged rage-filled hardcore Punk band — the outcome would be GEHENNA’s Negative Hardcore!

Released July 28, 2022, via Iron Lung Records.


I say this with my chest: SPEW’s HATE DEALER is one of my favorite HARDCORE PUNK releases of 2022!!! Every song on this EP is a motherfucking BANGER!

When the title track “Hate Dealer” starts to spit all over your eardrums you will become instantly hooked! Next up is “Death Becomes” and this song fucking kicks you straight in your 3rd eye and never lets up! “Fight The Power” is a really inspiring song because it’s a Black Power anthem that is not asking for validation from white society.

All of the tunes on this EP have an epic melodic vibe of chaos that is both menacing and at the same time uplifting! You can’t hide from the energy and passion that radiates from SPEW’s creative life force.

Released January 11, 2022, via Everything Is Perfect Records.

#1 PUNITIVE DAMAGE This is the Blackout

Real Talk, I have always been a fan of PUNITIVE DAMAGE but after blasting their new album This is the Blackout I’m a straight STAN! Every song is a Hardcore Punk eargasm that will make you lose your shit. Jerkova’s vocal delivery and lyrics are beyond fucking stellar. On the music tip, this whole band has made the point that PUNITIVE DAMAGE has something to say and that they are going to say it LOUDLY. Trust me when I say this band is going to go from strength to strength. On killer tunes like “BIG MAN,” you hear them kick out a jam that’s gnarly as fuck but still has this rock and roll edge to it! That’s the thing about This is the Blackout — this record is a total RAGER but does not sacrifice melody. “RESISTANCE WITHIN A BREATH” is a Hardcore Punk anthem that is RAD — it makes my skin crawl with happy vibes, and then at the end, it morphs into this fuzzed-out blissed out gem.

The amount of passion that was put into making this record is so evident. There’s not one weak moment on this album and I can’t front PUNITIVE DAMAGE were in their “we’re going to make a classic Hardcore Punk bag” and I respect that 100%.

Released October 14, 2022, via Atomic Action! Records.

Written By

Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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