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Death Doom

Primitive Roaring Death Sludge! Listen to NOROTH stream “Echoes Of Affliction”

WTF NOROTH is a stellar Death doom band from the PNW that needs to be heard by ALL! Their new full-length Harbinger coming out Sept.17th via Rotted life Records. Straight up this band really fucking kicks out the jams. What I love about NOROTH is that I can hear their Punk Roots but at the same time their love for Death doom is front and center. On the real, I’m battling personal issues brought on by the racism I’m experiencing in the metal scene, but through it all this band’s music makes me realize not all metalheads are racist pieces of shit or fence walkers! Join us as we celebrate NOROTH new album by turning y’all on to their new song “Echoes Of Affliction” streaming below!

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