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Hardcore Punk

I Smell Bacon…Burn the PIGS! Rad NYxHC Spotlight: JUNTA Rules!

I never have and never will have any love for the police! At an early age, my mother taught me that the po-lice have never been here to protect or serve Brown and Black Bodies. These oppressive humans are trained and paid to terrorize our hoods all over the world! I have seen these dip shits harm POC Punks since I was a young teenager in the 80s. The LAPD practiced their warlike tactics on the Socal Hardcore Punk kids before turning them on the Brown and Black communities in the 90s. If you have any love for the pigs, you can’t consider yourself a punk of any kind!

Now to the matter at hand — it’s time for y’all to check out NYC’s JUNTA. Just like me, they have no love for those that oppress us! This is why their music speaks to me so much. Their song “Policia No Me Jodas” is so spot on that I have had it on repeat all day. Their music paints vivid pictures of the torture that our communities face due to state-sponsored domestic terrorism. JUNTA is not willing to stand by silently and for that, I have nothing but love and respect for them! We will never surrender or give in! Press play below and get with JUNTA’s program. We will turn our trauma into aggression and point it at our downpressors!

Here is an option to abolish the police state — st@b a p!g. These p!gs who so readily rob the world of so much life, of our humanity and dignity. Who defend the state that sustains itself in the extraction of stolen land and lives. The pig who thrives in creating cruelty, tearing apart our communities with precise discord, reducing our lives to borders and law. Facing that I fear so often that my liberation will only be found in the confines of inflicting death. Freedom in meeting the violence of the state with euphoric cruelty. Now seeing and holding that knowledge, where can it be taken? The screwdriver punctures, separates but also builds. Take that in hand and imagine the world you want to create. Let that v!olence be seen and heard. Let that violence run r!ot in our song in our art our ceremony. In the fire of our word, in the affirmation of the cruelty we face we find each other again and now other worlds can grow.


JUNTA Policia No me Jodas


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