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Premiere Streaming:
All Your Sisters “Uncomfortable Skin”

Right now I’m gliding on the wings of the new All Your Sisters LP entitled Uncomfortable Skin, and I feel good to be alive. This band has manifested a collection of dirgey Post Punk tunes that still have the power to uplift you even if the sun does not want to come out and play. All Your Sisters is my new favorite musical dish and I don’t want it to end. Actually, I’m pretty amazed that every second of Uncomfortable Skin leaves me wanting for more. I know I will not be alone in saying this: All Your Sisters is a band that should heard by many and deserve the props they receive for crafting such a well-excuted debut. Uncomfortable Skin will be released via The Flenser on July 8th, but below CVLT Nation is streaming it in full. Stay tuned for our full review coming soon, feel free to have a listen and leave your feedback. Pre-Order HERE!



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