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This Is What the End of the World Sounds Like! CHAT PILE God’s Country Preview

I’m here to tell y’all that the new CHAT PILE record God’s Country is the fucking BOMB! This Noise Rock unit not only creates sonic chaos but also does it with a message that I can relate to. I’m a firm believer that music can be used as a weapon of mass change. So when I hear songs like “WHY” I realize that I’m not alone in this belief. It’s fucking refreshing to listen to a band that is willing to deconstruct this lie that we call Amerikkka. Not only that, but they are doing it while they are manifesting some amazing Noise Rock anthems. Get with the program and pick up your copy of God’s Country on July 29th when the record drops via The Flenser.

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Relapse Candy
DYE cvlt
Sentient 112217

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