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This Record Must Be Felt! Experience UBOA “The Origin of My Depression”

Imagine that inside of your mind was an abandoned building with nothing in it but the ghost of your past. Imagine if someone made a soundtrack to the desolate way you felt inside. Uboa’s The Origin of My Depression album is that soundtrack. More than just songs, this project is full of soundscapes that are many things, such as powerful, fragile, introspective, bleak, and uplifting. The song “Epilation Joy” is a sonic space where I feel safe to dream and not treat my inner thoughts mean. Uboa’s music does have the energy that gives the listener the tools to battle our negative self-talk. The Origin of My Depression is a record that is felt more than listened to and the experience will be different for everyone who experiences it. Plug yourself into “Please Don’t Leave Me” and your skin might get pulled off. Uboa has manifested a record that will never be fully understood years later. Uboa has manifested an audio journey to a place where many of us are too afraid to go. The anthem “An Angel of Great and Terrible Light” is a beacon of light for me and I love this tune! Yo Flenser —you killed it by releasing this album and I want to say thank you for pushing our culture forward!

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Sentient 51423

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