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Premiere Streaming: CRUZ – Culto Abismal

So how many killer releases has Sentient Ruin put out this year? Too many to fucking count, and they have done it again with the upcoming release of Spain’s CRUZ. This band FUCKING KICKS ASS!!! Their brand of crust-infused death metal is highly addictive, plus the riffs filled with the agony of the world have me hooked. From the beginning to the motherfucking end, CRUZ’s Culto Abismal should not be missed! If you don’t believe me, just press play below because we are streaming this sick tape in full. You can pre-order this bastard release from Sentient Ruin HERE – the official release date is Oct. 7th.

Labels for all formats!:

SR (LP/Tape North America)

To The Death Records (LP/Tape Europe)

Selfmade God Records (Cd/Tape worldwide)

Neanderthal Stench (LP Europe)




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