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Plug Yourself Into PHANTASIA’s “Live From Park Street” Video

Photo by Reggie McCafferty

One band that always put a smile on my face in 2022 was PHANTASIA. Their most recent LP Ghost Stories is out now on Beach Impediment Records. To say I dig them a lot would be an understatement which is why they landed so high on our Top 10 POST PUNK Albums Of 2022. With a HUGE smile on my face, I want to share with y’all Phantasia “Live From Park Street.” I can’t front, this band has such a strong aesthetic and it comes through in everything they do. Case in point, the way they filmed and lit their performance is spot on! It’s time for y’all to peep the Post Punk eye candy that is Phantasia’s “Live From Park Street.”

Excuse me as I plug myself into the amazing sounds of Phantasia’s Ghost Stories! I’ve been bumpin’ this gem lately real talk. “All the Flowers” is the JAM — the chorus is neverending ear candy that gets to the point! Imagine if Altered Images, Dexy and the Midnight Runners, Siouxie Sioux, and Bruce Springsteen all decided to get their jam on together, the outcome would be the sibling to Phantasia.

I love the urgency of their songs, like “Out of Spite” and “Fate of the Martyr,” because they pack the kind of melodic punches that keeps me coming back. Ok, ok, one of my Big Tunes from Ghost Stories is “Falling Falling,” this sun-kissed blissed-out gem makes me smile!!! The break on “Summer” makes me want to stare out a Venice Beach Sunset while thinking about how rad nature is!

I can’t lie, I want to microdose some shrooms and see Phantasia live — that would be some sick shit!!! I love that this band has created an album from such a genuine place of honesty and passion. This is not a record that is going to be with me for a year, this is a record that is going to be with me for a lifetime! Yo Phantasia, y’all did it — BIG RESPECT DUE!

CVLT Nation’s Top 10 POST PUNK Albums Of 2022 #4 PHANTASIA Ghost Stories

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