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3 Modern day Crossover bands that are Killing Shit!

Unholy fuck – I’ve got to say that 2019 has been fucking rad for Crossover!!! I feel like I have a good outlook on this genre because I lived through the first wave of Crossover in the 80’s. I saw how Suicidal Tendencies went from a straight hardcore band to become the leaders in the Crossover genre. Them, Excel, Cryptic Slaughter and DRI were the bands that really got it right! I fucking love what WITCHTRIAL, the UK’s MERE MORTAL and ENFORCED are bringing to the game!!! All of them are creating kick ass music on their own terms and kicking ass in the process. On the real, these records are some of the best releases of 2019, no matter what genre of Metal we’re talking about. These 3 bands have riffs for days, so beware because their music will cause non stop head banging!!! No way, no how is CROSSOVER dead – it just has  new speed demons waving the flag!

WITCHTRIAL S/T Label: Beach Impediment Records


MERE MORTAL Tartarus Label: Quality Control HQ



ENFORCED At The Walls Label: War Records


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