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Death Doom

MAUDISSEZ has Manifested One of the Gnarliest Releases of 2024!

WTF WTF WTF the new self-titled album from Maudissez is truly out of this FUCKING WORLD! It’s hard to even describe how insanely sick this band is because of how they can blend different genres into this Mass Sonic Weapon of Audio FILTH!!! Imagine if your favorite Death Doom band transformed into your favorite Black Metal band and then transformed into your favorite Raw Punk band — the outcome just might come close to the mammoth morbid sounds that are Maudissez. As I listen to this record, I begin to feel like I’m in the brain of a crazed serial killer that is out on the prowl! Better yet I feel like I’m hunting down every member of the IDF and KKK and I am about to decapitate them all for the wrongs that they have done to my people! I want y’all to blast their song “fracture par fracture” and tell me it does not make you want to slap the fuck out of all the heads of the Catholic Church of Demons! The sounds you will experience on this album will put you in a state of ANGER JOY! I love Maudissez, because they are comfortable in their own creative skin to create a record that defies any genre and is full of blackened passion. I’m stoked to say that the almighty Sentient Ruin Laboratories will be giving this unreal release the vinly and cd treatment later this year, so stay tuned! If you are a fan of heavy music like I am, you will lose your shit to the sounds of “meurtrissure par meurtrissure” just like I did!

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Sentient 51423

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