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Masters of Dark Arts Photo Series Curated by Void Revelations

This feature was curated by Void Revelations

Explanation of the”Channeling Darkness” project

Whether artwork or merchandise, art is part of the music and forms the visual transfer to the auditive. Only very few people know which effort must be operated to manufacture such an exhibit. The idea of the photo series “Channeling Darkness” by Void Revelations is to accompany artists at work, to capture personal moments and to familiarize the viewer with the elaborate approaches. The focus is on artists who deal with topics that are beyond the conventional.

Beyond Art “The etching process”
Beyond Art is a project by Hamburg-based artist B.H.N.Q. He’s done artwork for bands like Sortilegia, The Ruins of Beverast and Manii.
Etching is a graphic gravure using the printmaking process. There are mainly two different methods, namely dry point etching and erode etching.
While the lines are scratched directly into the printing plate during the drypoint etching, erode etching is worked in with acid into the plate.
Then the plate is dyed with color and wiped by hand. The ink remains in the wells and printed by a roller press on the moistened paper.
The etching gives the drawing a special depth and through various applications and experts you can achieve interesting results. It is also possible to duplicate the graphic with each sheet remaining an original. It is important to be careful while working, because any small mistakes in editing the plate can render them useless.

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