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CVLT Nation captures House of the Holy II Festival

Text and photos: Void Revelations


The House of the Holy festival, taking place near the Austrian Abtenau, is not only a special festival because of its surroundings, it also has a very familial atmosphere. On the Neudeggalm of the organizer Resch Batholomäus, a closed society celebrated a total of 24 bands. CVLT Nation was there and looks back on the most important performances.

The most brutal appearance:
The first day was marked by orthodox Black Metal. Three German formations did the warm-up. In addition to Dysangelium and Shrine of InsanabilisChaos Invocation appeared, who presented their new album. With blood-spattered faces they put on an energetic show that was fast, rude and nasty, winning the audience over with their ritual.
Shrine of Insanabilis
Chaos Invocation
The most atmospheric performance:
The second day begins quietly with performances by the acoustic formations Sangre de Muerdago and Vradiazei. With Crone and Slidhr it gradually gets heavier, until the evening ends in a rush of atmospheric Black Metal. With an hour and a half set, The Ruins of Beverast dominate the stage. In addition to guest musicians from the band (DOLCH), they managed to have a clear sound despite filling the sonic space with several guitars, keyboards and different vocal ranges. The Wolves in the Throne Room set took on a shamanic character before Hexvessel concluded the evening with an acoustic set.
Sangre de Muerdago
The Ruins of Beverast
The craziest and the most emotional appearance, as well as a surprise:
The duo Mars started on the third day and were accompanied by a ritualistic dance during the last song. The craziest appearance was Hagzissa. They play raw black metal with extreme vocals and attract attention through their robes, looking like an insane superhero crew. Goat Torment, on the other hand, played a very uncompromising set. In stark contrast to this were Hexvessel, who played an acoustic set even on the second day. The intimacy of their performance completely captivated the audience – by far the emotional highlight of the festival. The big surprise was St Michael Front. The duo play pop music and the singer spiced everything up with sarcastic anecdotes. There are none of these at Almyrkvi. Black holes opened over Abtenau as the Icelanders began. The humorous conclusion is the Czech band Masters Hammer, with their one and a half hour set.
 Goat Torment
 St Michael Front
 Masters Hammer
The festival’s most energetic show and a sublime moment:
The last day of the House of the Holy begun with High Transition rocking the stage and two Black Metal formations that both know how to present themselves: Serpere and Lunar Mantra. Filling up the stage completely, Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand presented their own way of occult Kraut-Rock. Without compromise Occvlta went to work, as did Sinmara, who played several unreleased songs veiled in black cowls. Above the pasture, a fire was ignited for the solstice. A sublime moment for all the people who gathered to attend the special event. While smoldering ashes fall to the ground, Dool present the festival’s most energetic show. Drops of sweat flew through the air and the crowd was blown away. Vulture Industries then activate all hidden reserves before this special festival came to an end.
High Transition
Lunar Mantra
Der Blutharsch
Vulture Industries
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