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Hardcore Punk

Right On Time! Experience the Unhinged Hardcore Punk of LATE SHIFT’s ‘Perception is Reality’

WTF HOT off the press I got to turn y’all on to the new band LATE SHIFT! These Hardcore Punk warriors have created one of the sickest releases of 2024 and it’s called Perception is Reality out now on Phage Tapes/Damien Records. I can’t every millisecond of this record is an all-out banger!!! On the opening track “Hit the Deck,” the band drags the listener into their sonic hellscape that is filled with Hardcore fire and Powerviolence blood. These humans know how to write songs that are short bursts of disturbed audio fury that is sharper than a Samurai sword! What I love about LATE SHIFT is that they are always on time with their killer fucking breakdowns. If you don’t believe me, just blast their song “New Thing” and you will experience the brilliance of this band for yourself! Blasting BIG TUNES like “Whipping Ass” is equal to putting on your hater blockers because no self-hating is allowed while Perception is Reality is within earshot. Musically, this band never sacrifices melody to get their point across and on the vocal tip, they are spot ON! Don’t be late, it’s time for y’all to tap into LATE SHIFT and get your Hardcore Punk on. Yo, big shout out to everyone who helped make this record a reality, and to Mark McCoy — you killed the cover art!

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Sentient 51423

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