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Hardcore Punk

A Raw HC Punk Band That Explodes in Your Ears! Blast the SPAM CALLER ‘HABITUATION EP’

WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF SPAM CALLER is a band that can call me any time! Mark my words, their new HABITUATION EP is one of the gnarliest hardcore punk releases of 2023 — and this is a fact, NO CAP! Every song on this record is a FUCKING HUGE SCATHING banger and pushes my wig back with each listen. Do they sound sinister AF? The answer is a resounding YES, but they also pack this chaotic melodic gut punch that is the sweetest sonic pain I ever felt. Their song “WASTE IT” has an insane breakdown that makes me get my dance vibe on like Little Richard. The song “BREAKING GROUND-ROCK BOTTOM” will crush your skull and run over your bloody corpse after one listen. This band is heavy on Raging riffs and offers the world a healthy dose of RAW UNCUT FURY!

SPAM CALLER manifests Hardcore Punk magic that will put a spell on you. Listening to HABITUATION EP makes me happy because I know that I’m experiencing a band that is on the verge of blowing up! SPAM CALLER’s tunes will explode in your ears — maybe this is because they are masters at creating Blown Out Hardcore Punk anthems. The only problem with HABITUATION EP is that it’s only 4 songs. Yo SPAM CALLER, I won’t hang up, but next time hit us with more tunes! I got to give the band props on working with the always-on-point MARK MCCOY for their Artwork and Layout. This band is very aware of the aesthetic they put out into the world and for that I respect them. Make sure to check out SPAM CALLER’s ultra-awesome videos that make you say WTF!

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Relapse DF 92123
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