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Hardcore Punk

Zero F$XKS Given! Experience the Full On Unhinged Hardcore Punk of REPELLENT

One label that has gone from strength to strength in recent history is DAMIEN RECORDS! Now they are back with the new REPELLENT 7-song EP entitled Homemade Bomb, and this is a sonic punisher on all levels!!! Every tune is a short boombastic burst of feral fury that will get you so hyped you might slap a cop. Personally, I love Hardcore Punk that’s mean and doesn’t give a fuck. This is totally the deal here and blasting Homemade Bomb reminds me of how I felt blasting the Necros EP for the first time. I say this with my chest REPELLENT is a project that will be making loads of noise in the near future. Right now, CVLT Nation is streaming their EP in full below — and y’all can pick up the record HERE!

REPELLENT is a new project from Morgan Carpenter (Hive, Oxygen Tank, Prison Shank, etc) This will be a 7-song one-sided round white 7″ lathe entitled “Homemade Bomb”.

Ltd – 33 housed in handmade folder covers. All art and layout as well as all songs written, performed, and recorded by Morgan Carpenter.

Written By

Sentient 51423

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