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Is ETERAZ’s شرور Villain LP The D-Beat AOTY? Listen for Yourself!

I know I’m not alone in saying DISCHARGE reigns supreme!  I say this as someone who saw them in L.A. during the early 80s thanks to Golden Voice. I would say that they created some of my favorite D-BEAT records ever but I think there are bands nowadays that have surpassed them. A case in point is ETERAZ’s شرور Villain LP which comes out on Oct 28th via Iron Lung Records. Unholy Hell fucking yes this might be one of my favorite DIS-BBEAT records ever created!!! From the very first song “Under the Shadow,” I realize why this band had our 7-year-old daughter under their spell when she saw them live during their Vancouver performance years ago. This band creates Dis-Anthems that rain down pure captivating chaos on the listener every second that you blast them. Their unrelenting Dis-breakdowns on songs like “Blood Drunkard” are pure D-Beat Sonic BLISS. I can totally feel the creative energy that this band shares together. Only time will tell if ETERAZ’s شرور Villain LP (pre-order HERE) is the Top D-Beat record of 2022. In the meantime check out our full stream of this brand-new classic happening below!

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